Celebrating its 10th year, this award winning innovative program provides ongoing support to boards and general managers (GM). The CBLD Team provides direct support via close contact with boards, board leaders and GMs at individual co-ops, through in-person regional sessions, and by continually adding useful resources to its open access online library. CBLD support utilizes the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance – Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Strategic Leadership and Democracy. Support for GMs focuses primarily on the Board/GM relationship.

About 115 co-ops are enrolled in CBLD. Participating in CBLD provides support to your co-op and our community of co-ops.

CBLD program features

Participation in the CBLD program includes regular contact with a member of the CBLD team, planning and facilitation of a one-day board retreat, a variety of in-person sessions, the monthly newsletter Connections, and access to resources via the CDS CC library.

Program fee

The CBLD program fee for 2015 is $6,650, paid in four quarterly installments in March, June, September and December. In addition, your co-op is responsible for costs associated with your retreat and attending in-person events. The Cooperative Cafe is not included in the program fee and sponsored by NCGA and there is a cost per person of $60 to attend.

Related services

Bylaw support. We provide expert support as boards consider what bylaws will be appropriate for the future of their co-op. Legal review is still recommended but our support allows for legal review to be most efficient, saving the co-op time and money.

Facilitation training. A regular part of our CBLD relationships, we are also working on new ways to provide this important training. Ask your CBLD consultant for more information.

Participation. We can help grow membership, raise member capital, tell the co-op story and nurture a sense of belonging to the co-op — for the success of the co-op!

For more information, please contact Mark Goehring

jacqueline-hannah-small“I cannot imagine where the food co‐op sector would be today without the trail‐blazing CDS Consulting Co-op has done in cooperative governance. They have created a truly cooperative way forward for boards to lead in a transparent, dynamic way that both protects the health of the business and encourages community democracy.”
—Jacqueline Hannah, general manager, Common Ground, Urbana, IL

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