Video Field Guide: Membership Growth

Ben Sandel is a board leadership consultant and capital campaign expert working with startups and established co-ops helping them to reach their fundraising goals using [...]

Video Field Guide: Tips for Facilitating Board Meetings

Michael Healy and Mark Goehring are shooting the breeze in this casual (and short) video recording featuring some great pointers for boards and meeting facilitators [...]

Video Field Guide: Connecting Policy Governance and the 4 Pillars

Use the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance to increase effectiveness of the board’s work.

Video Field Guide: Board Self-Monitoring

Video Field Guide: Why Shop Co-op?

Video Field Guide: Four Pillars – Accountable Empowerment Part 2

Further explanation of the cycle of empowerment and accountability and how it functions on behalf of co-op owners.

Video Field Guide: The Job of the Board

Video Field Guide: The Always Appoint Principle

Video Field Guide: Introduction to the Four Pillars

Succinct introduction to the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance: Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Democracy and Strategic Leadership, and how these concepts strengthen co-ops and communities. This [...]

Video Field Guide: What is the Governance Position?

Video Field Guide: Four Pillars – Creating Impact

Tips to intensify board and organizational impact and how to achieve it.

Video Field Guide: Four Pillars – Strategic Leadership

In a world where smart, fast, moves are a marketplace necessity, strategic leadership creates shared agreement regarding the future vision.

Video Field Guide: The Four Policies

Video Field Guide: Board Self-Evaluation

Video Field Guide: Four Pillars: Intro To Accountable Empowerment

Understand how accountable empowerment of the board and general manager works in practice.

Video Field Guide: What is Meant by a ‘Reasonable Interpretation’?

Video Field Guide: Asking Powerful Questions

Video Field Guide: What? So What? Now What?

Use Joel K's quick and easy method for debriefing any event with your board in order to make sure the wisdom and connections you gained [...]

Crisis Communication For Co-ops

Nobody likes to prepare for the possibility of dealing with a crisis in the media, but as more food cooperatives step into the limelight, it [...]