Intro to Food Co-op Finance

Building a Positive BOD/GM Relationship

When the Working Capital Runs Dry

Starting a Buying Club

Jake Schlachter & Stuart Reid, Food Co-op Initiative With guest panelists: Laura Theis, Idaho's Bounty Laura Hanson, Stone's Throw Market Shannon Ousley, Frontier Co-op

Project Management

Hiring and guiding a project manager/GM

When should you think about hiring? What should you look for? How to set up an accountable and empowering relationship? How to decide when hiring [...]

Preliminary store design

How and when to work with a store designer? What is a preliminary design and why do you need one? What store equipment will you [...]

Hiring your first general manger

Learning objectives: can delineate the GM's duties before and after the store opens are clear on desired GM qualifications how to recruit, screen and select [...]

Marketing and promotion

Learning objectives: the basics of branding -- it's more than just your store's logo what is meant by "target market" and why it is important [...]