Understanding the Meaning of “Speaking With One Voice”

By Michael Healy 189 March-April 2017 Boards of directors regularly struggle with the concept of “speaking with one voice”— primarily because the concept has a [...]

Policy Register Template Users’ Guide

Co-op boards that use Policy Governance® write policies as a way to codify their agreements for how they will work together, how they will delegate [...]

Connecting the Dots: Strategic Board Leadership in Action

By Thane Joyal 185 July-Aug 2016   The future is unknowable. Or is it?  Courageous leadership relies in large measure on wise choices. In his [...]

Using the 7 Cooperative Principles as Strategic Guide

Sometimes things become so familiar to us they lose some of their meaning.  In the workshops I conduct for board members and employees there is [...]

260 People Explore Embracing Change with Courageous Leadership

When we describe what the Co-op Cafe is, sometimes we start with what it isn’t…it’s not a training or a workshop and it’s not just [...]

Hunker Down vs. Double Down

Mark Goehring, Board Leadership Consultant for CDS Consulting Co-op has some ideas to share about the idea of having a favorable leadership position. His "Hunker [...]

Courageous Leadership Today Stronger Co-ops Tomorrow

As Director of Co-op Development for NCG, Dave Olson has a unique perspective on what it'll take for co-ops to survive and thrive in this [...]

    The Path of Courageousness

    General Manager of Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, TN, Jacki Arthur shares with us a parable, as well as her own perspective on what she [...]

    Focus, Alignment, and Vision Around Ends

    Steve Breckheimer, Board Member at Hendersonville Community Co-op in Hendersonville, NC describes two different versions of what alignment can look like and why alignment is [...]

    Scaling for Success

    River Valley Co-op in Northampton, MA is a jewel among startups with over $25M in annual sales and robust growth. Rochelle Prunty, the GM at [...]

    Courage Means Taking Risks

    Dan Arnett, the General Manager at Central Co-op in Seattle, WA has proven himself, and his co-op as a visionary force among food co-ops in [...]

    Be The Bamboo

    John Tashiro shares with us some of the "wisdom of the Bamboo". Tashiro, the newly appointed General Manager at Onion River / City Market in [...]

    Guiding the Co-op Towards its Goals

    Ruffin Slater, General Manager at Weaver Street Market in North Carolina has proven himself an innovator among national GMs. In this video Ruffin shares his [...]

    Co-op General Manager Success Profile: GM Role Requires Core Competencies

    By Carolee Colter, Lauren Olsen, Marilyn Scholl 183 Mar-Apr 2016 It takes a lot to manage a food co-op. Co-op general managers (GMs) are responsible [...]

    What if…Co-ops Were Courageous Leaders?

    Lizzy Haywood, CEO of the newly expanded People's Food Co-op in LaCrosse and Rochester, asks tough questions and shares her vision for some of the [...]

    What Will Our Co-ops Lead us To?

    Holly Fearing, Board Member at Willy Street Cooperative in Madison, WI breaks down the barriers to being strategic, making hard choices, and being fearless. And [...]

    Central / Tacoma Co-op Merger

    In this super-short video General Manager at Central Co-op in Seattle, Dan Arnett, takes us through the leadership and engagement required to successfully approve a [...]

    Leading From Vulnerability

    In this short presentation Alex Stone, of CooperationWorks!, expresses the importance of knowing vulnerability. Especially in a leadership position.

    Effective Leadership and Self-Awareness

    Michelle Oliver from Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op says that being a leader requires knowing yourself. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Understand where you [...]

    Facing Difficult Challenges with Courage

    Steve Maviglio, Board Member at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, shares two stories of the Sac board facing difficult challenges and how they overcame them. From [...]