Alignment: Members, Co-op, and Market

Brett Fairbairn, co-op thought-leader, breaks down what it looks like when the co-op, it's members, and the marketplace are not in alignment and why it's [...]

Association and Enterprise

In this MUST WATCH video Brett Fairbairn breaks down the definition of a cooperative and the significance of the words "enterprise" and "association" in the [...]

Speaking out about the Cooperative Statement of Identity

Video Field Guide: Why Shop Co-op?

Video Field Guide: The Job of the Board

Video Field Guide: Introduction to the Four Pillars

Succinct introduction to the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance: Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Democracy and Strategic Leadership, and how these concepts strengthen co-ops and communities. This [...]

Video Field Guide: The Four Policies

Video Field Guide: Four Pillars: Intro To Accountable Empowerment

Understand how accountable empowerment of the board and general manager works in practice.

Video Field Guide: What is Meant by a ‘Reasonable Interpretation’?

Understanding the Changing Landscape

Dave Olson, of National Co+op Grocers (NCG) has a crucial message to get out to cooperators across the country.  Watch as Dave unpacks a ton [...]

Being Really Great Grocers

Kelly Wiseman addresses the question:  what do you do when the competition is planning to move in next door?  At Bozeman Food Co-op, they decided [...]

Conventional Trends Matter to Co-ops

When natural and organic foods made their appearance in the grocery market over 20 years ago, most conventional grocery stores dabbled with selling them in [...]

Understanding the Changing Landscape PRIVATE

Password protected. Please contact your CBLD consultant or NCG corridor advisor for the password. A public version is available here. Dave Olson has some important data [...]

Marilyn’s Pyramid of Participation

Marilyn Scholl, Manager CDS Consulting Co-op   Putney, VT   We can apply some very basic psychological frameworks to our work in growing Participation to [...]

How We Got Here: A Co-op History

Marilyn Scholl, the manager of the CDS Consulting Co-op, (and not too proud to call herself the "designated co-op old fart") provides a succinct recap [...]

Imagination Matters

Brett Fairbairn, Fellow in Cooperative Thought & Ideas [bio] Centre for the Study of Cooperatives at University of Saskatchewan   Saskatoon, SK, Canada   "Change is [...]

The Rochdale Pioneers: Roots of the Cooperative Movement

Explore the history of the modern-day cooperative, delve into societal trends, gain understanding of the economic and religious forces at work and let Todd Wallace [...]

GM Report Support: Charts & Graphs Tutorial

An adjunct to the GM Report Support toolbox, this tutorial provides some guidance on using common office software to create instructive visualizations using your own [...]

Choosing the Right Location for your Co-op

Guest Presenter: Rochelle Prunty, GM, River Valley Market, Northampton, MA Why is location so important? What site characteristics should you look for? When do you [...]

Orientation to Development: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages

Learning objectives: the Food Co-op 500 Development Model: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages how the four cornerstones can be developed through the start up process [...]