Expansion Projects: Preparing your co-op for successful growth

With Appearances by: Bill Gessner, Expansion Consultant, CDS Consulting Co-op John Hatton, Board Chair, Brattleboro Food Co-op Alex Gyori, GM, Brattleboro Food Co-op Hether Jonna, Board [...]

Co-op Connections II

Paul Hazen, CEO, National Cooperative Business Association (and UN International Year of the Cooperative) Charles Gould, Director General, International Cooperative Alliance Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association [...]

How to be a Successful Board Chair/President

Panelists Alex Gyori - GM, Brattleboro Donna Stroup - Board President, Bloomingfoods Steve Peterson - Board President, Oneota [gview file="http://library.cdsconsulting.coop/wp-content/uploads/CBLD-ORW-How-to-be-a-good-board-president.pdf"]