Expanding Fresh Food Convenience

Eastside Food Co-op Minneapolis, MN Year founded:  2003 Member equity:  $100 Number of members:  6,500 Number of employees:  100 Retail square feet:  9,500 Eastside Food [...]

Communicating Co-op Impact to Staff, Members and Community

Hunger Mountain Co-op Montpelier, VT Year founded:  1972 Number of members:  8,300 Member investment:  $180 Number of staff:  165 Retail square feet:  12,000 Hunger Mountain [...]

Staff Engagement Key to Success

Berkshire Co-op Market Great Barrington, MA Year founded:  1981 Membership investment:  $150 Number of members:  3,000 Number of staff:  60 Retail square feet:  4,500 Daniel [...]

Experiencing Competition Head-On

Good Foods Co-op Lexington, KY Year founded:  1972 Number of members:  7,750 Membership investment:  $200 Number of employees:  100 Retail square feet:  12,000 It seems [...]

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In Service to Community in Pensacola

Ever’man Co-op Grocery & Cafe Pensacola, FL Year founded:  1973 Number of members:  11,300 Number of staff:  91 Retail square feet:  17,000, (co-op also has [...]

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New North Willy Street Co-op Serves Needs and Values

Willy Street Co-op Madison, Wisc. Year founded:  1974 Equity investment:  $56 single/$91 household + $2 service fee Number of members:  34,000 Number of employees:  420 [...]

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Inter-state Cooperation Compels Leadership and Communication

People's Food Co-op LaCrosse, WI and Rochester, MN Year founded:  1973 Equity requirement:  $100 Number of members:  8,700 Number of staff:  210 Locations:  LaCrosse, WI [...]

East Aurora: Early, Impactful Investment Led to Opening Co-op

East Aurora Co-op Market East Aurora, NY Founded:  2010 Opened:  June 2016 Number of members:  1,280 Number of employees:  25 Member investment:  $200 Retail square [...]

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Ambitious Community Outreach Yields Big Results

Common Ground Food Co-op Urbana, IL Year founded:  1974 Number of members:  5,800 Member equity:  $60 Number of employees:  95 Retail square feet:  8,000 Common [...]

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General Managers Speak About Value of Coaching

The to-do list is seemingly endless:  cash flow, team building, category management, board relations, reports, goal setting.  Many general managers report feeling pulled in many [...]

PCC Markets Addresses Competition Cooperatively

PCC Natural Markets Seattle, WA Year founded:  1953 Number of members:  55,000 Equity investment:  $60 Number of employees:  1,500 Number of locations: 10 stores with [...]

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Activating ‘New-Style’ Participation

Weaver Street Market Carrboro, NC Year founded:  1988 Member equity requirement:  $75 individual, $135 couple, $175 three or more Number of members:  18,000 consumer-owners, 210 [...]

Owners Connect Patronage Refunds to Community

City Market's 2014 Co-op Seedling Grant Recipients Onion River Co-op, City Market Burlington, VT Year founded: 1973 Member investment: $200 stock purchase Number [...]

Case Study: Protecting the Co-op Starts with Focus on Systems

Central Co-op Seattle, WA Year founded:  1978 Equity requirement:  $60 Number of members:  13,000 Number of staff:  117 Retail square feet:  11,500 At one of [...]

Case Study: Open Book Management Changes Co-op Culture

Mississippi Market St. Paul, MN Year founded:  1979 Equity investment:  $90 Number of members:  15,500 Number of employees:  210 Retail locations:  Selby Ave., West 7th, [...]

Case Study: Willy St. Co-op Local Vendor Loan Fund

Willy St. Co-op Madison, WI Year founded:  1974 Equity investment:  $56 individual, $91 household Number of owners:  32,000 Number of employees:  350 Number of business [...]

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Case Study: Member Input Crucial to Rebuilding Co-op Image

The Cooperative Group Manchester, England Year founded: 1863 Number of members: 8 million Number of staff: 70,000 Total number of retail outlets: 3,750 What it’s [...]

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Case Study: Strong GM-BOD Relationship Promotes Co-op Growth

River Market Stillwater, MN Year founded: 1979 Member equity requirement: $80 Number of members: 4,300 Number of staff: 53 Retail square feet: 5,300 River Market [...]

Case Study: Evolving a Work Culture through Participation and Training

From July-August 2014 Chico Natural Foods Co-op Chico, California Year founded: 1973 Number of members: 3,000 Equity investment: $200 Number of employees: 53 Retail square [...]

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Case Study: Practicing Democracy in Viroqua

Viroqua Food Co-op Viroqua, Wis. Year founded: 1995 Number of members: 3,025 Member investment: $75 per adult, $150 household Retail square feet: 4,400 Number of [...]

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