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Videos Recorded Live in 2017

Title Presenter Location
 Grow Our Impact: Measure, Move, and Share the Story Sheila Ongie Pre-Recorded
 Participation: Roles Rebecca Torpie Sacramento
 Participation: Systems & Structures Rebecca Torpie Sacramento
 The Participation Burger: All Staff Create Impact Dan Arnett & Staff Sacramento
 Moving Forward Together John Lacaria & Carolyn Buzza St. Paul, MN
 From Credit Union to Community: Stories of Impact Michael Spink Durham, NC
 Food Co-ops Are on the Leading Edge Steve Saltzman Durham, NC
 Co-op Impact! Co-op Participation! Frame Up Mark Goehring Sacramento
Profit = Impact Sarah Hannigan St. Paul, MN
Telling the Co-op Impact Story Erbin Crowell Greenfield, MA
Measuring & Communicating the Co-op Difference Bonnie Hudspeth Greenfield, MA

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About the Cooperative Cafe

The Cooperative Cafe

Co-op directors and their managers are often seeking meaningful ways to tackle questions about the future, build alignment, and take steps toward realizing the goals and vision of their cooperative. A direct path to meeting this objective is for boards, along with their general manager, to participate together in the Cooperative Cafes offered through the CBLD program. It gives co-op leadership an opportunity to work together as a group in a dynamic environment with people from other co-ops.

Each year the Cooperative Cafes will have a changing theme and will contain new content about how leaders can engage constituents and gain support in their communities for co-op growth and development.

For more information about the Cooperative Cafes and other CBLD events, please visit our website.

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