Be a Force for Good

Ok, so cooperators are always talking about building a better world. How does all that talk become action? As one person put it, “If I have to walk into a room with a giant sheet of paper on the wall for recording brainstorms, I’m out of there.” That’s where organizations with leadership and a clear vision are at an advantage. A “good” organization is one that puts the valuable brainstorm ideas into action, one where people can see their contribution matters.

One of the things that impresses me about the cooperative model is that it draws exponential strength when it taps into the knowledge and energy shared by the people involved in them. In our last issue we featured how alignment of the board and general manager around the co-op’s vision can have far-reaching effects on the co-op and its community. Add on to that the possibilities of what can happen when boards and owners are also aligned—we’re talking thousands upon millions of people who want the co-op way of business to succeed and be a force for good in their communities—the world can be transformed.

The CDS Consulting Co-op team is focused on helping individuals and groups be their best at their roles in the cooperative. Finding ways to help clients improve systems and capitalize on what’s distinctive about their co-ops is our specialty. We do it because we are motivated to build a better world, too.

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