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Operational and Financial Improvement

Are You Ready to Compete? A crowded marketplace is the new reality

By Mel Braverman, Nicole Klimek, Jeanie Wells 184 May-June 2016 In the back of our minds we knew that [insert name of competitor here] was [...]

Strategic Pricing: Why and how

By Mel Braverman, Jeanie Wells 177 March-April 2015 Almost every cooperative retail grocery is feeling increased competition in its community. Twenty years ago, merely having [...]

Shrink Ranges by Department

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Merchandising Essentials

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Store Labor Budget Tool

Intro to Food Co-op Finance

Common Margin Terms

Business Plan Outline

SYNOPSIS Executive summary. Write this last. Highlight key information from the plan-who you are, what you are going to do, why and how it will [...]

Operations Budgeting Tool

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Capital Purchase Request Form

Time Management: How to Accomplish Important Tasks and Still Have Time For Fun

By Mel Braverman 160 May - June - 2012 "Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of [...]

How Are We Doing? Without department goal setting and monitoring, you can’t tell.

By Mel Braverman 151 November - December 2010 In my work with department managers, I typically ask, "How do you feel you are performing?" Almost [...]

Key Indicator Formulas

Staying Healthy in an unhealthy economy

By Mel Braverman 142 May - June - 2009 Well, the other shoe has dropped, and it’s making the headlines something we are experiencing, not [...]

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success 2

Learning objectives: the components of a feasibility assessment learn what goes into business planning learn the difference between feasibility assessment and business planning and when [...]

Managing Key Indicators: Guidelines for department managers

By Mel Braverman 137 July - August - 2008 When you drive your automobile, a number of gauges enable you to read critical factors in [...]

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success

This presentation will help you to understand what needs to be in place for a new food co-op to succeed and how to plan your [...]

Closing the ‘Gap’ – Using co-op data to achieve improved store performance

By Mel Braverman 126 September - October - 2006 Many cooperatives struggle to find appropriate operational benchmarks and to set challenging yet attainable goals. Without [...]

Impressive Financial Improvement Using CoCoGap

The Co-op Grocers Association Midwest (CGAMW) has been involved in CoCoGap projects for three years. It began with general managers choosing one department to focus [...]

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Small Town Success from Building Membership

By Mel Braverman 114 September - October - 2004 The small community of Barneveld, Wisconsin (population 1,100), opened its grocery cooperative, Harvest Market Cooperative, on [...]