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Board Leadership Development

The Power of Board Perpetuation Planning

Board perpetuation is a key task for directors, and actively pursuing it throughout the year (and every year) creates a powerful influence in the quality [...]

Governance Considerations in Multi-Store Co-ops

We’re in a position not unlike the years after WWII when the small grocery cooperatives began to fold in the wake of full service supermarkets [...]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Martha Whitman tells the story of La Montanitas experience with growth through acquiring stores in new markets.  Watch and learn about the leadership of the [...]

Cash Is King: Reviewing Cash-Flow Statements

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Through the Looking Glass: Make Your Board’s Transparency Obvious

Grow for the Good of the Movement

Martha Whitman,  Board President La Montañita Co-op, New Mexico

Competition: What is the Board’s Role?

There’s a Committee for That!

Key Leadership Tools for the Board Chair

A Crisis Communications Plan

Trust and Verify: Don’t Monitor Alone

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New Director Orientation: Who Does What…and Why Bother?