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260 People Explore Embracing Change with Courageous Leadership

When we describe what the Co-op Cafe is, sometimes we start with what it isn’t…it’s not a training or a workshop and it’s not just [...]

Video Field Guide: Tips for Facilitating Board Meetings

Michael Healy and Mark Goehring are shooting the breeze in this casual (and short) video recording featuring some great pointers for boards and meeting facilitators [...]

Own, Use, Serve, and Belong: A new paradigm for participation

By Mark Goehring, Leslie Watson 174 September-October 2014 The Participation framework—Own, Use, Serve, and Belong—has been the focus of presentations and conversations by hundreds of [...]

Using EL monitoring reports as the basis of a strategic conversation

This process is a variation of the one described in the “Boards Acting on Ends Reports” Field Guide. Not all limitations monitoring reports will warrant [...]

Maintaining the Governance Position in Grievance Procedures

How can the board express its values regarding staff treatment, and hold management accountable and be accountable to the member owners without getting directly involved [...]