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Board Leadership Development

Bylaws Basics I + II

Nominating Board Candidates

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” -- Thomas Jefferson “You have to remember one thing about [...]

Own, Use, Serve, and Belong: A new paradigm for participation

By Mark Goehring, Leslie Watson 174 September-October 2014 The Participation framework—Own, Use, Serve, and Belong—has been the focus of presentations and conversations by hundreds of [...]

Cracking open the ‘Serve’ Nut

We all have an idea of what it means to Serve our Co-ops. In this smart and informative video, Leslie Watson "cracks open the 'Serve' [...]

A Nested Hierarchy of Engagement

Leslie Watson, Board Member Northeast Investment Cooperative, Twin Cities, MN Participation by all stakeholders is a fundamental force in cooperatives and other democratic organizations. The [...]

‘Fresh Start’ Bylaws Template

UPDATED: February 27, 2016 Bylaws are an important set of governing agreements in which the member-owners of a cooperative articulate the special dual relationship they [...]

Capital Campaign Workbook

UPDATED: March 2016