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Updating Trends in General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter March-April 2017 View data by downloading attached PDF. Data from 104 co-ops with annual sales ranging from $1M to $74M In 2006 [...]

Creating accountability

A manager of an independent natural food store, when her store was smaller, met individually with her department managers every week to talk about how [...]

Workplace Conflict Policy FAQ

By Carolee Colter, CDS Consulting Co-op & Heather Wright, Esq, WrightJones PLC   CDS Consulting Co-op is recommending replacing the old Cooperative Model Grievance Procedure [...]

Do You Know What Your Employees are Thinking?

No matter how closely you work with your staff, there are some things they may not tell you. There’s a power balance, even though we [...]

GM Development Plan

    GM Development Plan by; Marilyn Scholl and Carolee Colter

Co-op General Manager Success Profile: GM Role Requires Core Competencies

By Carolee Colter, Lauren Olsen, Marilyn Scholl 183 Mar-Apr 2016 It takes a lot to manage a food co-op. Co-op general managers (GMs) are responsible [...]

A Near Miss at Mississippi Market

By Carolee Colter 092 January - February - 2001 What went wrong? What lessons can other co-ops contemplating expansion learn from Mississippi Market's experience? By [...]

“It’s Not Really a Co-op”

By Carolee Colter 113 July - August - 2004 Co-op employees have high expectations of their employers. And they should. We claim to run our [...]

The Decision Matrix

By: Carolee Colter & Jeanie Wells   When an organization is going through rapid change, roles within the organization change, too, and not always in [...]

Choose structured interviews to make better hires

Extensive research on job interviews shows that structured interviews are more accurate than unstructured ones in predicting which applicants will make good employees. By “structured,” [...]

Treating Employees as Adults

FAQ’s about Wage Caps

By the CDS Consulting Co-op HR Team Food co-ops want to be great employers, yet we face growing competition that puts increasing pressure [...]

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The Coming Wave: We will need to fill more GM positions than ever before

By Carolee Colter 176 January-February 2015 As we all know, the baby boom generation is hitting retirement age. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population [...]

A Taxonomy of Gossip

Accountability = Job Satisfaction

Make your store’s front-end service top notch

You can have great merchandising, selection and product knowledge. But customers’ experience checking out through your front-end can make or break your store. How people [...]

Romance in the workplace

It happens all the time. Co-workers get attracted to each other and next thing you know…. Workplace romances can impact the productivity and morale of [...]

Co-op Leaders Comment on Visibility

By Carolee Colter, Helena O'Connor 172 May-June 2014 According to 2013 CoopMetrics data, 30 percent of member co-ops in the National Cooperative Grocers Association have [...]

Bad Apples in your Workplace?

"One bad apple spoils the barrel." Intuitively we know this maxim is true. Research at the University of Washington Business School affirms it. Will Felps, [...]

Employees abusing sick days?

Employers provide sick leave for good reasons. Employees appreciate being able to practice good self-care while not losing income. When workers with a cold or [...]