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Creating a Cooperative Culture, Connecting Co-ops across Sectors

Using the 7 Cooperative Principles as Strategic Guide

Sometimes things become so familiar to us they lose some of their meaning.  In the workshops I conduct for board members and employees there is [...]

So Many Co-ops, So Little Time

By Adam Schwartz 174 September-October 2014 Whenever I am having a conversation with friends discussing the problems our society is facing, invariably one of them [...]

Seven Steps to Re-energize your Cooperative Culture

By Adam Schwartz 166 May-June 2013 "Culture is to an organization what water is to a fish—it is the environment that exists all around us." [...]

Time to Recycle Cooperative Wealth

By Adam Schwartz One of the more popular definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. [...]

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A Co-op Case Study

Adam Schwartz, Consultant The Cooperative Way + CDS Consulting Co-op   Springfield, VA   Co-ops have been known to come up with some pretty amazing solutions to the [...]

Step by Step: Creating a cooperative economy

By Adam Schwartz 153 March - April - 2011 From my vantage point, too many dollars flow out of cooperatively owned businesses into investor-held businesses, [...]