A Tradition of Managing Change

Managers and others see change happening in their co-ops on a daily basis. Being responsive and adaptive to those dynamics keeps a co-op growing, profitable and a valued community asset. To be ready for the future, we must be prepared to constantly adapt to the changing market.

Co-ops can’t do it alone. Successfully serving your member owners’ needs everyday is a big responsibility. Dealing with the complex issues of growth, expansion and relocation requires outside experience and expertise. At CDS, we see ourselves as partners, by your side, ready to help find solutions to complex situations and take advantage of promising opportunities.

We deeply value the trust and respect we have gained in your service over the past 22 years. And we are committed to working with you for the next 20 years and beyond. With this issue we welcome Debbie Suassuna to CDS. Even as some of our faces change, our dedication to your success remains the same. We are ready to continue on with you in our long and productive tradition of managing change.

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